Why is it so cold? London weather forecast this week

 (Victoria Jones / PA)
(Victoria Jones / PA)

Although May is just around the corner, you might need your winter coat a little longer as a cold front sweeps across the capital and most parts of the country.

This week, temperatures have slumped to a lowly 9°C, with the Met Office even forecasting frost overnight.

While low cloud cover may help add a few degrees on Wednesday, a strong breeze and showers are predicted for later in the week. In short, the weather isn’t looking too promising.

This week’s frosty temperatures feel like a far cry from the hot weather that many felt earlier this month, with a high of 21.8°C recorded in Essex.

Usually around this time of year, you can expect temperatures of around 15°C in the capital. So what’s going on?

London weather forecast this week

According to the Met Office, today’s weather will be: “A cloudy start to the evening with clear spells developing through into the early hours. Staying dry with light winds, with some rural grass frost possible. Minimum temperature 2°C.”

We’re looking at some isolated showers tomorrow, with temperatures rising to around 12°C.

As for the rest of the week, there will be a mix of bright and cloudy weather but “moderate winds for most, breezy along coasts. Temperatures feeling on the cool side”.

Why is it so cold?

A number of weather experts have confirmed that we’re experiencing below-average temperatures at the moment.

An earlier bout of low pressure across the country helped to bring in a northerly flow of cool air, leading to a drop in temperatures.

BBC presenter Carol Kirkwood told presenters today that it's down to some Arctic air being pulled in, which is making the air cooler.

"High pressure is out to the west so all the wind is coming around it, down the North Sea coastline, so we are pulling in Arctic air at the moment," she said.