Why brown rice is so popular nowadays: Find out

Poornima Pandey
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Why brown rice is so popular nowadays: Find out
Why brown rice is so popular nowadays: Find out

03 Aug 2020: Why brown rice is so popular nowadays: Find out

Brown rice is a whole grain that has gained popularity among people looking forward to losing weight.

Those who cannot abstain from eating rice but still want to shed those extra inches, brown rice is the option for them.

Apart from aiding weight loss, the nutrients in this grain facilitate better growth and development.

So, here are other benefits of brown rice.

#1: Extremely fibrous, helps flush toxins from the body

Brown rice is extremely fibrous and is thus responsible for regulating many body functions.

Not only does it clear the gut and the digestive system but also helps in flushing out toxins from the body.

Further, fiber is also known to tackle constipation related problems as it can reverse the blocked bowel movements and give way to healthy digestion.

#2: Keeps you fuller; reduces cravings, calorie intake

As mentioned earlier, brown rice helps in knocking off the extra kilos.

In fact, this whole-grain accounts for more fiber than most refined grains such as white rice.

Fiber has the capacity to keep you fuller for a longer period and thus reducing cravings and calorie intake.

Many studies have also suggested that people who consume brown rice don't gain that much weight.

#3: Enriched with iron, improves cardiovascular health

Brown rice is enriched with iron. And, iron is known for its ability to transport blood efficiently to all the body parts and better the blood circulation.

That apart, this marvelous whole grain is also loaded with selenium that is responsible for improving your cardiovascular health by preventing the blockage of the arteries and consequently leading to reduced hypertension and risk of heart diseases

#4: Core consists of rice bran, lowers cholesterol

If you're looking for genuinely natural ways to lower cholesterol, then you must start eating brown rice.

It can potentially lower cholesterol because for one, they are rich in fiber content and two, brown rice consists of rice bran, which is linked with lowering cholesterol levels in the body.

Moreover, it is a low "glycemic index" food.

#5: Major source of magnesium, promotes bone health too

Magnesium is a very powerful mineral that is associated with great benefits for health.

And luckily, brown rice is a major source of magnesium.

Among the many benefits, it can reduce the severity of asthma, control blood pressure, and partly cure migraines and headaches.

Further, magnesium helps in the absorption of calcium, which is why brown rice is deemed to promote bone health too.