Why the ‘anti-bride wedding’ trend is the biggest thing sweeping this year

Black wedding dresses are part of the growing anti-bride wedding trend (Alamy/PA)
Black wedding dresses are part of the growing anti-bride wedding trend (Alamy/PA)

Anti-bride weddings could be the next big thing this season, according to a new report by Pinterest.

Pinterest’s 2023 Wedding Report revealed a 490% increase in searches for ‘anti-bride wedding’.

It comes as part of a wider trend for more creative weddings. Pinterest reported a surge in alternative searches – such as ‘underwater wedding’ (up 305%) or ‘colourful wedding veil’ (up 260%).

Pinterest plays a big part in many people’s big days – there are over two billion wedding ideas on the platform, with 60% of wedding planners saying it’s their first port of call.

The trend for an anti-bride wedding fits into the movement for more unique nuptials, as well as the swing towards more cost-effective events.

What is an ‘anti-bride wedding’?

“Despite the scary name, an ‘anti-bride wedding’ simply means picking an alternative style for your wedding, one that isn’t afraid to bend the rules of a traditional big ceremony,” said Jenna Waller, head of fashion at Pinterest.

“This can be reflected in several different ways – what the bride and groom decide to wear, the choice of venue, the decor or even the music.”

Waller said this approach to wedding planning “offers the opportunity for people to really express their individuality”.

Why has it become such a popular trend?

Waller suggests two reasons have contributed to the rise in popularity of alternative weddings.

“The pandemic unfortunately meant that a lot of weddings had to be delayed and/or downsized. So, instead of rearranging the event yet again, people have found ways to make their special day still happen on a smaller scale, and with less pressure than a traditional wedding.”

Plus, the current climate means couples are “feeling more cost-conscious”, she added. Waller said this is reflected in Pinterest trends, with searches for ‘DIY weddings’ jumping by 50% since the start of 2023.

How can you incorporate the trend into your own wedding?

There’s no one way to nail the anti-bride wedding trend – it’s all about being unique.

Waller said: “When saving fashion ideas and products to their ‘anti-bride wedding’ boards on Pinterest, we’ve seen brides choose pearl white suits instead of dresses, pick out black for their bridesmaid dresses, and even swap classic neutrals for hot pink. Searches for the latter increased 465% in the last year, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing a few Barbie world weddings this season.”

If you want to stick to a more traditional dress code, Waller said “other elements can be made anti-bride, such as your wedding venue”.

What are the benefits of an anti-bride wedding?

“Embracing an unconventional wedding does have a number of financial and eco-benefits, alongside making your special day memorable for you and your guests,” Waller said.

“By incorporating DIY elements, it will not only help give the ceremony a special aesthetic, but help to keep costs down. Similarly, it can also be more sustainable and kinder on the planet.

“Searches for ‘eco-friendly wedding decor’ increased 230% year-on-year, with leaf confetti being a particular trend we’re seeing. Made from dried leaves, not only are they biodegradable but completely free too.”