'Whose Puppy Is This?' 11-Year-Old Stunned by Early Christmas Surprise

A dog-loving 11-year-old from Edmonton, Alberta, was shocked when he discovered his parents had gotten him a puppy as a special Christmas surprise.

Footage filmed by Sevrena Velthius captured the moment her family surprised her son Kellan with his very own dog earlier this month.

The heartwarming video shows Kellan spotting the dog at his grandma’s house, then asking, “Oh, whose puppy is this?”

When he’s told that the puppy is for him, he can’t contain his excitement.

“Actually?” he can be heard asking his parents.

Once convinced the dog is really his, he can be seen running to open the door and greet his new pet.

Velthius told Storyful that the dog is a golden retriever/Bernese mountain dog/Aussie shepherd mix, and that Kellan decided to call him Moon.

“He actually asked for a bird this year (I think he thought a puppy was totally out of the question) and my husband and I both said, ‘No way.’ And then it got us thinking, and we decided it was time for a puppy,” she said.

“He’s already very best friends with him,” Velthius added. Credit: Sevrena Velthius via Storyful

Video transcript

KELLEN VELTHUIS: Oh, whose puppy is this?

- What?

- Oh my God. Who's that?

KELLEN VELTHUIS: Did you guys get a puppy?

- No.

- What?

KELLEN VELTHUIS: I'm confused.

- It's your puppy.

KELLEN VELTHUIS: Actually? No. No. No.

- Yes.


- Merry Christmas.

KELLEN VELTHUIS: What's his name?

- You get to name him.

KELLEN VELTHUIS: What should we name him? Hi.

- What?

- We think he's [INAUDIBLE] He should be called Thumper because he lies down [INAUDIBLE]--


- He shakes the whole house.



- Holy smokes.

- He's going to be a cow.

KELLEN VELTHUIS: What?! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.