Whoopi Goldberg gives up and collapses on table during “The View”'s Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas conversation

Whoopi Goldberg gives up and collapses on table during “The View”'s Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas conversation

"Sometimes I don't know where we are! I don't know what we're talking about!" Goldberg shouted during the meandering discussion.

It's safe to say that Whoopi Goldberg officially hit her limit while her View costars were discussing the latest drama surrounding Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's divorce on Thursday.

The Oscar-winning actress gave up and collapsed onto the table during the Hot Topics segment after trying to follow a meandering conversation that was initially about Jonas being mad at Turner for getting into a new relationship following their split, but quickly spiraled into a larger discussion about the societal pressures that women face when it comes to dating, marriage, and raising children.

Right from the get-go, it was clear that the View cohosts were on Turner's side when it came to the conflict. "Since when does the ex get to decide when it's too soon?" Sara Haines asked. "You exited out of this relationship!"

ABC Whoopi Goldberg and Sara Haines on 'The View'
ABC Whoopi Goldberg and Sara Haines on 'The View'

Sunny Hostin then explained that she believes Jonas has "jealousy and resentment" over Turner's new relationship because "I don't think he wanted that relationship to end." She continued, "They got married too young… They have a three-year-old and a one-year-old, so they had kids right away, and she's finding her groove right now. He filed for divorce; she didn't!"

"By the way," Joy Behar interjected, "She's 28 years old now, is she supposed to join a nunnery just because she split with him? Go for it, girl, these are the wonder years." [Editor's note: Turner is 27]

The camera then cut over to Goldberg and Haines, who were playfully shoving one another amid Hostin and Behar's chat about Turner finding a "good lil catch" in her rumored new partner, British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson.

Behar then explained that, "back in my day," getting married at a young age was just par for the course, with Goldberg similarly chiming in that she "was 18" when she first tied the knot. "But those are different times," Behar acknowledged. "Now, 23 [the age Turner was when she married Jonas] sounds very young."

When Hostin noted that a person's frontal lobe isn't even fully developed at that point, Behar simply replied that people didn't know that at the time. "And even if they knew about it, they weren't worried about the frontal lobe," Goldberg added. "They were worried about the lower lobe," Behar joked, pointing underneath the table with a pen.

Hostin, who has strict rules when it comes to parenting her children, said that she doesn't even want them to consider marriage until they're over the age of 30. "I just think it's very funny that you think they're going to actually listen to you," Goldberg quipped. "I think, when they find it, they'll let you know, but they have to do it when it's right for them."

ABC 'The View' hosts
ABC 'The View' hosts

Things took another turn when Haines pointed out that women from previous generations being "pumped into marriages and having babies" meant that it was difficult for them to remain competitive in their professional careers. She added that the idea of encouraging women to stay home and look after their children was created to "perpetuate the species and towns and social, church, pressure, all the things," but that the perspective has changed now that "we know there's a lot of life for women" beyond the age of 30.

Goldberg, who became visibly more and more confused during Haines' speech, seemed to give up on following the conversation and instead just collapsed onto the desk. Wrapping her arms around Goldberg, Haines said, "We're almost there."

"Sometimes I don't know where we are! I don't know what we're talking about!" a laughing Goldberg exclaimed as she fixed her hair. "When we were kids, there was a standard women had to follow: You became a parent and you worked. I never knew women who didn't work every day."

The moderator, who noted that "the young people" are "very pissed at me right now" following her comments about Millennials not wanting to work, began to share her thoughts on the subject when she appeared to receive a cue from the show's producer to wrap up the segment. "I know we'll be right back but you see what happened!" She replied, affronted. "You see what happened!"

As Behar, Hostin, and Haines exchanged stories about their mothers working throughout their childhoods, The View production team took the matter into their own hands as they began to play the show's outro music to cut the cohosts off like it was an awards ceremony until, finally, Goldberg ended the segment. "You did what you had to do," she said about motherhood, "but we will be right back!"

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