Whoopi Goldberg Ate Cat Treats at 2 a.m. Thinking They Were Pretzels: ‘I Was Not High’

'The View' cohost mixed up Dot's Pretzels and Temptations cat treats

<p> ABC</p> Whoopi Goldberg Ate Cat Treats at 2 A.M.


Whoopi Goldberg Ate Cat Treats at 2 A.M.

Whoopi Goldberg
had an unusual (and unfortunate!) late-night snack.

During an episode of The View on Monday, June 17, the TV personality shared how she somehow ate cat treats instead of pretzels in the middle of the night. Goldberg, 68, had just returned from Italy where she and other comedians met Pope Francis.

“I got home. Perhaps I was a little more jet lagged than I realized. I was not high. I had nothing to drink,” she prefaced the story.

She continued: “It is 2 in the morning and there are these wonderful pretzels called Dot’s Pretzels, which I love. So sometimes you know when you get a bag of Dot’s Pretzels, they’re broken in half."

<p> ABC</p> Whoopi Goldberg


Whoopi Goldberg

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After referencing her favorite snack, she then explained how her daughter Alex Martin, 51, was partly to blame for the mixup.

“So my kid decided that she was to leave some cat treats on the other side of my bag so that if the cat wanted some treats, she could get up there and get some because I wasn’t going to get up,” Goldberg recalled dramatically. “But this daughter of mine put a bag of the cat treats, she put them right next to the Dot’s! So 2 a.m., you know what’s coming.”

She said she “popped up at at 2 a.m.” to grab a quick bite. Disoriented from being out of the country, she recounted asking herself, “Where am I? What country is this? I need some Dot’s.”

“So I reach over and I pour some Dot’s in my hand and I put ‘em in my mouth. I’m chewing. [These may be] a little stale!” Goldberg hilariously recounted.

Fellow cohost Sunny Hostin asked if she maybe thought it was a new flavor, but Goldberg shut down that theory right away.

“No, no. I just poured some more in because maybe I thought, you know, bed mouth. You know, because sometimes you wake up and you got something in your mouth and you’re like, ‘Who is this?’” she said. “So I pour some more. ‘Why do these taste so bad?’ My eye finally kind of opened a little bit, and in my hand was the crabby flavor Temptations!”

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<p> ABC</p> The cat treats Whoopi Goldberg mixed up for Dot's Pretzels


The cat treats Whoopi Goldberg mixed up for Dot's Pretzels

While she seemed truly horrified that she consumed food for felines, Goldberg still found it in herself to make a joke.

“Now I just came from the Vatican, and I am eating Crabby Crab flavor Temptations,” she quipped.

Ana Navarro then threw in a silly one-liner. “Well that shows you, God has a sense of humor!” she joked.

“There you go!” Goldberg closed out her story.

Harmless mayhem has been swirling around the set of the long-running ABC talk show lately. Just on June 14, Alyssa Farah Griffin was treated to cookies instead of the “gorgeous” cake the show had planned because a crew member accidentally dropped the cake on the ground. Farah Griffin turned 35 on June 15.

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Joy Behar told her cohost that they wanted to wish her an early happy birthday. “And we have these cookies here from Milk Bar,” she continued. “Now, you have to know that we had a stupendous, gorgeous cake for you but the crew dropped it.”

Farah Griffin took the baked blunder in stride. “Is that a metaphor, probably?” she joked. A picture of the cake, which had fallen over, smearing frosting all over the floor and even onto a stool, was shown.

Behar, 81, replied, “I don’t know who the exact perpetrator was, he knows who he is, but we want to wish you a happy birthday. And have a cookie."

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