Whoopi Goldberg accidentally ate cat food during jet lag delirium, confirms she 'was not high'

Whoopi Goldberg accidentally ate cat food during jet lag delirium, confirms she 'was not high'

The Oscar-winning actress said on "The View" that she had to pry her sleepy eyes open to see what she was eating because it tasted "so bad."

Whoopi Goldberg, who famously loves to snack and gift celebrities with surprise treats at The View's Hot Topics table, has revealed that she got an unexpected, surprise mouthful of cat food during a bout with jet lag delirium following her latest in a series of recent visits to the Vatican.

"I got home, perhaps I was a little more jet lagged than I realized. I was not high, I had nothing to drink, it's two in the morning, and there are these wonderful pretzels called Dot's pretzels that I love. You know Dot's? Sometimes when you get a bag of Dot's pretzels they're broken in half, they're about that big, and they're good. You put them in your hand!" Goldberg said at the top of her epic tale, which included a plot twist involving her daughter (and Sister Act 2 costar) Alex Martin.

"My kid decided that she was going to leave some cat treats on the other side of my bed, so that if the cat wanted some treats, she'd get up there and get some because I wasn't going to get up. But, this daughter of mine put a bag of the cat treats right next to the Dot's. So, 2 a.m., you know what's coming," Goldberg continued. "I pop up at 2 a.m. and I'm thinking, Where am I? What country is it? I need some Dot's. I reach over and pour some Dot's in my hand and put them in my mouth and I'm chewing, thinking, Maybe they're a little stale, you know?"

<p>ABC</p> Whoopi Goldberg on 'The View'


Whoopi Goldberg on 'The View'

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Sunny Hostin, the show's legal expert, cut in to ask, "Did you think maybe there was a new flavor?" to which Goldberg responded that, no, of course not, because she thought she could solve the issue with more bites.

"No, I just poured some more in, because I thought maybe I had bed mouth," the 68-year-old said of the made-up condition. "Then I kind of went, Why these taste so bad? And my eye finally kind of opened a little bit, and in my hand was the crabby, crab-flavored Temptations [cat treats]! Now I just came from the Vatican, and I'm eating crabby crab-flavored Temptations."

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Cohost Ana Navarro put a beautiful bow on the moment when she brought the conversation back to a prior point Goldberg made about her trip to visit Pope Francis alongside over 100 comedians from 15 nations that the religious leader wanted to celebrate for bringing joy to the world.

"That shows you God has a sense of humor," Navarro said, and, sensing the perfect conclusion to her story, Goldberg smiled and threw the show to commercial.

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