Whitney Hui will be getting married next month

13 Aug – Hong Kong actress Whitney Hui recently announced that she is set to marry her non-showbiz boyfriend, Alex Fung.

As reported on Mingpao, the former beauty queen shared the good news on social media with a photo from their bridal shoot, writing, "Since I was a child, I fantasised about how my future husband would be like. Is he in the corner of the earth? What does he look like? Does he, like me, always wonder who the future wife will be?"

"From the day we met, the people around you said that you would be my husband, because we look a little similar (In fact, your eyes are bigger than mine). About two years ago, I remember that I returned to church that day. I prayed to God. I hoped that I will meet a partner who will cherish each other and care for each other. That same night, my good sister [Devily Leung] suddenly called me to say that there was a guy who has always wanted to get to know me."

Whitney stated that they hit it off really well, and that she believed that it was all God's arrangement.

"When I know that your name is Alexander, I was a little surprised, because my family said that when I was in kindergarten, I would say the name 'Alexander' every day. In retrospect, it feels like I have suggested that my future husband's name is Alexander even back then," she said.

Whitney also praised her fiancé as a protective man, who would be on the side where the cars would be when they cross the road, who would be home for dinner to eat what she cooks come rain or shine, and who would write her love letters to tell her how much he loves her.

"You are very supportive of what I like to do. I like to cook rice. I like to study recipes. You try my cooking for me every day. Even if you cook it ten times better, you still think I am the best cook in the world. These are just some of your strengths, and why when you asked me to marry me, I didn't think about it, just say yes," she added.

Finally, Whitney declared that she couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with him.

When asked about the wedding, Whitney told the media that they will be getting married next month.

(Photo Source: Whitney Hui Instagram)