White Walls and Pro-Taliban Slogans Replace Kabul's Colorful Murals

A wall was seen being painted with pro-Taliban slogans in video released by the Taliban on September 5, amid reports that Kabul’s colorful murals, which have for years decorated the concrete blasts walls in the city, are being whitewashed.

ArtLords, a prominent art group behind numerous murals in Kabul, wrote on Facebook, “You might be able to erase murals from the streets of #Afghanistan, you may be able to silence the voices in parts of the country for a while, but we will shout so loud that we will be heard.”

Local and international media have reported the appearance around Kabul of whitewashed walls, carrying slogans in praise of the Taliban. Elsewhere, women’s faces have been covered over. NHK reported on the removal of a mural dedicated to a Japanese doctor who was killed in 2019.

This video was shot from a car carrying a Taliban flag. The slogans on the wall translate via Google as, “What a beautiful spring of freedom,” “Let it be supreme, free, independent and Islamic,” and, “The end of theft and beginning of independence.” Credit: Ahmadullah Wasiq via Storyful

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