White orographic clouds drift over mountains in Thailand

This is the breathtaking moment a thick mass of orographic clouds spilled over a mountainside.

Locals were amazed by the sight, with the dense clouds resembling heavy white smoke.

Resident Wansiri Pangchanud was returning home when the stunning waves of clouds flowed over the imposing mountains in her hometown in Sa Kaeo province on May 11.

Footage shows the white mass slowly drifting over the top of the mountains amongst the panoramic rural scenery.

Wansiri said that although she lives in the area she rarely sees such cloud formations.

She said: "After the rain, I was riding back home on the local road when I noticed the clouds. They reminded me of the magnificent scenery in Switzerland."

Orographic clouds are normally shaped from mountains and hills. They are formed when the air warm air is forced to lift and move over the cooler surface.