The White Lotus star Haley Lu Richardson says she wants to go on Love Island

Haley Lu Richardson has drawn praise on the internet after expressing her down-to-earth desire to be on Love Island.

The actor, who came to the attention of many during the second season of The White Lotus last year, was one of many stars at the SAG Awards on Sunday evening (26 February).

In a video posted to TikTok, Vanity Fair asked celebrities on the red carpet what TV show they would join if they had the opportunity.

Many of the answers given by the actors were prestige drama series in contention for awards that evening.

In terms of The White Lotus cast, Theo James suggested Succession, while his on-screen wife Meghann Fahy nodded in agreement. Elsewhere, Will Sharpe suggested the Apple TV Plus thriller series, Severance.

Jamie Lee Curtis name-checked the Bryan Cranston-led programme Your Honor, while other popular series mentioned included The Crown, House of the Dragon, The Bear, and The White Lotus.

The TikTok clip ends with Richardson’s answer, which went against the grain of her Hollywood colleagues.


Which TV show would these #SAG attendees like to guest star on? #TheWhiteLotus #Succession

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“Honestly, I'd love to be on Love Island,” she quipped. “For a day, just to see what it's like and if anyone would like me.”

Fans on social media have since shared their delight at Richardson’s unexpected answer.

“She’s so real for that,” reads one comment. Another fan wrote: “I love her for this.”

Someone else noted that her answer was “very relatable”, while a fourth person said: “Haley is for the people, I love her so much.”

Haley Lu Richardson (Getty Images)
Haley Lu Richardson (Getty Images)

Others have noted that Richardson’s response is one that may have been shared with her character on The White Lotus. She played Portia, the dawdling personal assistant to Jennifer Coolidge’s character.

“Haley Lu is literally Portia irl [in real life],” wrote one amused fan.

Elsewhere at the SAG Awards, Jennifer Coolidge left her best friend and date for the evening, Tim Bagley, red-faced with a cheeky shout-out during her acceptance speech for the Female Actor in a Drama Series award.

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