'White Lotus' Star Alexandra Daddario Pregnant With First Child

Alexandra Daddario is officially expecting her first child with husband Andrew Form.

The “White Lotus” star confirmed as much in an interview Wednesday with Vogue. While she shared her joy at being six months pregnant, she also revealed that she’s navigating some related trauma — a prior pregnancy loss.

“It’s long and complicated, so I don’t want to be too specific,” she told Vogue.

“Those kinds of losses and trauma are very hard to explain unless you’ve been through them,” Daddario continued. “I really relate to all the women who have been through those kinds of things in a way that I didn’t understand fully before. It’s very, very painful.”

Daddario previously told the outlet that she met her film producer husband in a chance encounter during the COVID-19 pandemic while taking a walk in New York City. The couple bought a house together in 2021, and after getting engaged, formally tied the knot in 2022.

Daddario kept mum on her current pregnancy for the first two trimesters, successfully hiding it even from her “Mayfair Witches” costars, but when her morning sickness skyrocketed while filming the second season, she realized it was time to explain.

“I was throwing up and having make-out scenes with my costars right after,” Daddario explained. “By week five, I was like, there’s no way I’m going to be able to hide this … and everyone was very understanding about making out with a nauseous, vomiting girl.”

Daddario and Form, who met during a walk in 2020, tied the knot in 2022.
Daddario and Form, who met during a walk in 2020, tied the knot in 2022. Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

The actor said she formally announced her pregnancy because she didn’t want to “hide and have someone print a photo of me eating a bagel at the bodega,” or have her bump exposed in the background of a Jennifer Lopez paparazzi shot.

“‘I think that’s the girl from The White Lotus, and she looks pregnant,’” Daddario mimicked.

The 38-year-old said that the revelation she was once again expecting was initially “hard to process,” as it came with “a lot of complicated feelings” after her loss.

These days, however, Daddario says she’s no longer hiding a thing — least of all her baby bump: “I’m finally embracing it. I can show it off.”