White House Denies Vice President Pence Was Snubbed by Prince Charles at World Holocaust Forum

England’s Prince Charles shook several hands at an event at the World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem, Israel, on January 23, but not that of US Vice President Mike Pence.

In video streamed by Yad Vashem, Prince Charles appears to skip over Pence after he shook the hand of Moshe Kantor, the founder of the World Holocaust Forum Foundation, and then moved on to Benjamin Netanyahu and other world leaders. Prince Charles is heard saying “hello again” as he passes by Pence.

The Vice President’s press secretary Katie Waldman responded to a since-deleted Washington Examiner headline alleging that Prince Charles “snubbed” Pence, saying it was untrue, and that Pence and Prince Charles had met and spoken several times before and after the event.

Both Pence and Prince Charles gave speeches at the event. Credit: Yad Vashem via Storyful