Whistleblower feels vindicated after Kedah MB fined

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Whistleblower feels vindicated after Kedah MB fined
Whistleblower feels vindicated after Kedah MB fined

The whistleblower who exposed Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor for violating the Covid-19 standard operating procedure during the total lockdown is happy that the rule of law has prevailed.

This was after police announced that they have issued a compound against Sanusi, who is from PAS.

Nini Siron, 36, had endured abuse from political operatives after she recorded a video of Sanusi going on a test drive at a Ford dealership in Juru, Penang, during the lockdown.

"As an ordinary citizen, I was only doing what I thought was necessary.

"Many accused me of defamation. They labelled me as Red Bean Army (RBA), called me a dog of certain political parties, hurled lewd and disgusting words at me, humiliated me and cursed my husband and siblings.

"Those in power were vocal in their criticism of me. I was attacked on a personal level. Amazing. Do they not feel that they have sinned or are exempt from sin?" she said.

Nini said those who are responsible know who they are and questioned if they were prepared to apologise.

She also congratulated the police, stating that their action inspired confidence that the people can rely on the law.

Nini had recorded a video of Sanusi at the Juru Auto City on June 5.

After she uploaded the video on social media, Nini said she faced harassment.

Sanusi had expressed unhappiness at her action, stating that she should have sought clarification from him.

Sanusi had said he did not personally go on the test drive as the vehicle was driven by a salesperson.

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