Whiskey-Drinking Lorry Driver Loses License After Swerving on Road

A lorry driver has lost his license after he was seen swerving on the road after drink-driving near Peterborough, England, on May 11.

Cambridgeshire Police said they received reports of a lorry swerving across the A1M northbound.

Police officers located the lorry and breathalyzed the driver, Lauri Martel, who they said recorded a reading of 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres, twice the legal limit.

Officers said they found a coffee mug containing whiskey and coke, and an empty whiskey and wine bottle that had been discarded from the driver’s cab.

Sergeant Sam Tucker thanked members of the public for bringing the driver to their attention and warned against the dangers of drink-driving.

“Martel admitted having been drinking whiskey on the morning he was arrested, but felt he was fit to drive. Alcohol and tiredness can be a lethal combination on the roads, and for someone who drives professionally there is absolutely no excuse for it,” Tucker said.

Martel was charged with drink driving and disqualified from driving for a year and four months, and ordered to pay £755 in fines and costs. Credit: Cambridgeshire Police via Storyful

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