Whey Jennings Walks into a Burning Building in Music Video for '10 Day Run' — or Did He? (Exclusive)

The country musician (and grandson of Waylon Jennings) also opens up to PEOPLE about his journey to sobriety.

  • Whey Jennings premieres the video for "10 Day Run" above

  • The musician admits he's "had a few relationships crumble on me" for being "gone too long"

  • Now happily married with six children, Jennings has been sober since 2020

It’s been over four years since Whey Jennings got clean.

"I went in [to rehab] to get off the hard drugs," states Jennings, 43, in an interview with PEOPLE. "I have been 99% sober since April of 2020. I didn't quit smoking weed until June of 2020 and from that moment forward I have been 100% sober."

And he did with the help of many.

"I latched onto my family and my wife and my life and my career, and I used all of this for therapy," explains Jennings. "I decided that I was going to stay sober for me, my God and my family."

But now, in a world of transformative country artists such as Jelly Roll, Elvie Shane and Cody Jinks, Jennings has found himself also staying sober for the fans.

"I'm feeling a 100% sober movement coming, because no matter what drug you're doing, it could kill you," explains Jennings. "It's even in the weed. It's in everything. Fentanyl is a horrible drug. A lot of people that are getting high are getting high to have a good time. They ain't trying to kill themselves. But when the party ain't fun no more, it's time to go home."

<p>Jonathan Galletti</p> Whey Jennings

Jonathan Galletti

Whey Jennings

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And home in Pennsylvania is where Jennings finds himself right now, as the grandson of the legendary Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter finds himself making the type of music his ancestors once did, this time in the form of his new single "10 Day Run." It’s a song that has been on quite a journey of its own.

"It was a completely different song last year," Jennings explains of the booming song he wrote alongside Wes Shipp and Sam Lowe. "I rewrote it because I figured we needed a new trucking song. When I was a kid, I heard a lot of trucking songs, and they were always songs that I loved."

And as the country music singer-songwriter got older, its these sorts of songs that seem to take on new meaning.

"Being a traveling musician, I've had a few relationships crumble on me," he admits. "It was of my own doing, of course, but I can still remember them crumbling because I was gone too long."

Now an adoring husband to wife Taryn and the father of six, Jennings says he doesn’t make a decision without thinking about the ramifications of it, even when it comes to his music.

<p>Jonathan Galletti</p> Whey Jennings

Jonathan Galletti

Whey Jennings

"Back in my old days, I had a tendency to cuss quite a bit," he says with a chuckle. "When I first wrote ["10 Day Run"], it had a few ‘'s---s' and 'damns' and 'hells' in it and all this stuff. And I was like, 'Man, I'm just not going to do that anymore because I want my kids to be able to go back and listen to my music.' So, I took all the cuss words out of it, but decided I was going to leave the crazy old lady in it."

In fact, the woman that plays the ‘crazy lady’ in the music video for "10 Day Run" actually owned the house that seems to burn down in the fiery music video.

"She was so accommodating," Jennings remembers of Lauryn Snapp, the nationally syndicated radio personality who took a leading role in the music video for "10 Day Run." "She was like, 'I'll break my dishes, I'll throw all my old man's clothes out in the front yard, I’ll do whatever you want me to do.'"

And no, the house wasn’t actually burning.

"It was just smoke and lights," Jennings clarifies of the "10 Day Run" music video, premiering exclusively on PEOPLE. "We kept the camera on the downstairs portion of the house, and we set up these orange lights pointing at the windows, but we set the camera up in a way that you couldn't see any of the bulbs. Then, we pumped that whole first floor of that house full of smoke, and [the director] added a little bit of effects that he has on his computer."

<p>Jonathan Galletti</p> Whey Jennings

Jonathan Galletti

Whey Jennings

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Jennings doesn't hide anything on his upcoming album Jekyll & Hyde, due out Aug. 23, however.

"I'm a recovering drug addict, of course, and an alcoholic," he says. "On this new album, I'm trying to show the actual life of a drug addict that we keep away from our support systems and the people that gave up on us. They gave up on us for good reason, but they don't see us as human anymore. They see us as these drug addicts that do nothing to make ourselves happy or anything like that. So, it's more aimed towards the support systems of drug addicts than just drug addicts."

It's a body of work that would make his grandfather awfully proud.

"I would hope so," he says quietly. "It took me a lot of time and a lot of pain and a lot of doing things wrong to figure out that it's better to be a good person than to find a good high."

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