Where do the savings from the targeted diesel subsidy go? Minister Fahmi answers

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, June 18 — Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil sought to answer one of the most recent pressing questions after the Anwar government dismantled the blanket diesel subsidy, replacing it with a targeted scheme instead.

“If the diesel subsidy is withdrawn from the wealthy and smugglers, what will the government do with the savings?”

With the use of infographics posted on social media platform X last night, Fahmi presented his answer.

“Money saved from smugglers is returned to the people.

“1) For companies, still enjoying diesel subsidies at normal prices through Fleet Cards.

“2) For individuals, still enjoy subsidy through cash assistance of RM2,400 per year

“3) For most people, the price of goods is guaranteed through the initiative that was just announced by the Prime Minister this morning,” he said briefly, referring to the reduction in chicken egg prices by three sen, effective June 17.