'Where is the change?': COP26 climate activists

A U.S.-China deal to ramp up cooperation in tackling climate change, unveiled on Wednesday (November 10), was tepidly welcomed by some observers, who remarked that reduction of oil and gas was missing in the text.

The joint declaration said China would begin phasing out its coal consumption during the five years from 2026-30 and would cut emissions of the powerful greenhouse gas methane. It also made commitments on protecting forests.

"What we need to know are the deeds, the specifics on the deeds and the accountability to deliver," a climate change representive from the Quaker United Nations Office, Lindsey Fielder Cook, said.

Youth activists from Fridays for Future said the COP26 summit has not achieved anything so far.

"There was fossil fuels in the text, there's no fossil fuels in the text. Whether there is or not, it's two words on a sheet of paper. Where is the drastic change?" Scottish activist Saoi O'Connor said.

Behind the scenes, negotiations will be heating up on Thursday as a second draft of the deal is released and delegations dig in on their demands.

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