Where you can buy the latest Balenciaga x Crocs collaboration

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Balenciaga x Crocs collaboration
Balenciaga x Crocs collaboration

After releasing Balenciaga Crocs Stilettos, in 2021, Balenciaga and Crocs have partnered again to launch a grocery tote bag and a phone holder.

Made using 100% EVA rubber construction, as also found in Crocs footwear, the baggage options are low on maintenance, as you only need to wipe them clean with a soft cloth.

The luxury accessories are made in Italy and come in three colours — bold green, pink and black. They can be purchased on Balenciaga’s website.

Here’s all we know about the collaboration

Crocs Large Tote Bag

Image Credit: Balenciaga
Image Credit: Balenciaga

While Crocs is known for perforations on their shoes, the same being adapted on the latest tote bag design is alluring. The flawlessly aligned clogs on the front and back of the tote, can also be covered with Jibbitz charms to accentuate the look of the tote.

The design also features black buttons holding the two straps of the bag. You can find Balenciaga’s logo etched at the front base of the tote bag as well.

It comes in dimensions of 44.9cm x 39.9cm x 24.9cm and has an open top. You can easily store many essentials, including a foldable umbrella. However, the tote bag doesn’t dampen your belongings as it is made using rubber.

The Crocs Large Tote Bag is priced around USD 1,250.

Phone Holder With Strap

Image Credit: Balenciaga
Image Credit: Balenciaga

Like the tote bag, the phone holder also comes in bright colours.

To make it more functional, the makers have added an adjustable strap to hold the phone as a sling bag across shoulders. It can also be carried as a mini-basket.

It has the classic rubber make and clogs feature like the tote bag, but it comes in smaller dimensions. It is 13cm x 17.8cm x 6.9cm and has an open top. Other than providing a space for a phone, the holder can be used to put some coins or credit and debit cards too.

It is priced around USD 775.

(Main and Featured Image Credit: Balenciaga)

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