Wheelchair Owned by 96-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Stolen Outside NYC Doctor's Office

Police in New York City were searching for a suspect after an electric wheelchair belonging to a 96-year-old Holocaust survivor was stolen on Tuesday morning, May 3, outside a doctor’s office on the Upper West Side.

Speaking to ABC 7, the victim, Eric Plan, said he and his niece, Nina Klefin, arrived at the doctor’s office at 8 am and left the wheelchair outside as they couldn’t get it over a small step in the doorway.

Klefin said her uncle told her he had been to the office several times and always left his wheelchair outside without any issues. “And then he said, ‘Who is going to steal a wheelchair?’” she told ABC 7.

When they left the office two hours later, the wheelchair, valued at more than $2,500, was gone, said Plan.

Police investigated and found that the chair was taken just 10 minutes after they went inside. They released this security footage, taken a few doors down, that shows an unidentified man riding the wheelchair south on West End Avenue.

Plan, who “lost most of his family” in the Holocaust, according to ABC 7, said he could afford a new chair if the suspect was not found.

“If it is someone with limited funds, it would be even worse. That’s what upset me the most,” Plan said.

Klefin said she hoped whoever took the chair did so for someone who needs one. Credit: NYPD via Storyful

Video transcript


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