‘The Wheel of Time’ Cast & Character Guide: Who’s Who in Amazon’s Epic Fantasy Series? (Photos)

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Amazon’s ‘The Wheel of Time’ Review: A Fantasy Epic That’s Just Spinning Its Wheels

With source material spanning 14 volumes, Amazon Prime Video’s new fantasy series “The Wheel of Time” is certainly not lacking for story. But author Robert Jordan’s epic world also boasts a sprawling ensemble cast, many of whom are introduced in the TV show’s first episode with silly-sounding names amidst a flurry of action.

For those who haven’t read Jordan’s books, keeping track of who’s who in “The Wheel of Time” can be, at best, challenging, so we’ve put together a handy cast and character guide to help reorient you as you take in the first few episodes.

Set in an unnamed world, the central plot of “The Wheel of Time” revolves around the search for someone known as “The Dragon Reborn.” This individual, who may be male or female, is the reincarnated version of The Dragon, who ages ago helped take down an evil force known as the Dark One. Now it’s up to a magically inclined woman named Moiraine to shepherd and protect four young people who are all contenders to become this prophetic leader.

Below, check out our spoiler-free guide to who plays who in the main “Wheel of Time” cast. The first three episodes are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, with new episodes released on Fridays.

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