What does your front door tell the world about you?

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Europe, United Kingdom, England, Oxfordshire, Oxford
Europe, United Kingdom, England, Oxfordshire, Oxford

Shut the front door! With more time spent at home recently than ever before, it seems Brits are using their houses to make a statement. Thousands used lockdown to spruce up their kerb appeal, and part of that overhaul often involved painting the front door.

A shabby porch or peeling paint is not only unwelcoming to visitors, it can devalue your home too. A lick of paint, however, from soft French blue to power-play gloss black can add huge appeal.

 With over 265,000 post tags for #frontdoordecor on Instagram alone, this new and growing trend for a standout home entrance is growing. It's not just about Grand Designs appeal to buyers, though.

The look you choose for your home's portal to the world tells visitors a whole lot about who's inside, according to eco-friendly and sustainable timber windows and doors company, Bereco. 

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Bereco surveyed the top shades for front doors this years, and all send different messages according to their design experts. 

According to another survey, by Price Your Job, there are also some colours you should avoid at all costs, particularly stand-out shades like citrus green or bright yellow, which can put off prospective buyers, and even send the wrong message about who you are - unless it's 'slavish followers of fashion.'

Wondering what your door is broadcasting to the world? Here's what it means, according to the experts at Bereco.

1 Dark Grey

front door stone pattern
Dark grey is a classic choice and suggests you're modern and tidy. (Getty Images)

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Grey was easily ‘the’ colour of 2020. With home influencers like Mrs Hinch kick-starting a grey trend and flooding home furnishings with neutral greys and whites, it’s easy to see why this is reflected in popular front doors, too. People who opt for this sleek shade are likely to be house-proud trend followers, and a house with this colour of front door will probably open onto a host of modern interiors.

2 Apple Green

Detail of a classic house with green wooden windows and front door - rendering
Light, bright and stylish, this is a shade for happy gardeners. (Getty Images)

One of the more noticeable colours amongst the most popular shades, choosing a vibrant shade of green like this means you want your home to stand out on your street. Surrounded by darker green plants, a door of this colour will suit and complement an avid gardener's home - if it’s not already furnished with foliage accessories that is. It's likely to belong to a subtly proud and quietly confident homeowner.

3 Minky Blue

dark blue door with wall and parquet 3d model rendering
Liberals live behind this door... (Getty Images)

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Another soft tone - in keeping with the 2021 trend - but this time a little rarer. Blue normally represents open spaces, freedom and positivity - think oceans, skies and scenery. The occupants behind this door are likely to be liberal, free thinkers. This vibrant and exciting colour is likely to be reflected in the homeowners’ outdoor-loving personalities.

4 Coffee

wood door
Subtle coffee suggests safety and reliability. (Getty Images)

The absolute simplicity of this popular door colour is likely to be complemented with warming shades of brown or stained timber. A strong colour choice for families usually, as these warming tones usually represent reliability and trust. A safe house to dwell in or visit!

5 Black

Front Door of a Beautiful Old English Town House
Bold and beautiful: Black suggests power and status. (Getty Images)

 A notoriously mysterious and dark colour for an entrance, often associated with regal or parliamentary buildings. A house door of this colour may feel intimidating and less inviting to some, but really the boldness of the dark and stark colour usually represents a more unique personality and one that is not afraid to stand out. Expect bright funky colours inside and a cool personality to match a homeowner with a door like this.

6 White

Front of resort with door and window on blue backgroundFront of resort with door and window on green background
Simple and straightforward: White's alright. (Getty Images)

White is a colour of transparency and clarity, so what you see is what you get with the people behind this door. White shows all stains, mud marks and sticky fingerprints - and owners with a door this colour will not be afraid of hiding away. They are very likely to hold a friendly, open-door policy for their visitors and have simple, modern interior decor. 

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