How a whale's tail caught a derailed tram car

A well-placed sculpture came to the rescue of a tram that ran past the end of its tracks in the Netherlands on Monday morning (November 2).

The tram would have fallen almost 40 feet to the ground below, but instead it luckily came to rest on an artwork of a whale tale.

No one was injured in the crash.

The driver emerged shocked but unharmed, and there were no passengers on the tram.

By coincidence, the statue is called "Saved by a Whale's Tale".

The suspended tram car could be seen in Rotterdam on Monday morning to passers-by on the streets below.

Several social media sites have even called to leave the tram as a permanent addition to the artwork.

Local officials said it would not be safe to use the tram platform in its current state and engineers were studying how the tram car - and several derailed behind it - could be safely removed.