Whale shark passes within inches of thrilled photographer

Whale sharks are one of the most magnificent animals in the world. For many, seeing one is a bucket list item. But imagine the thrill and pure joy of being able to swim among them. These swimmers were delighted to share the water with several that were feeding on krill and fish eggs at the surface in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Several of them cruised past the swimmers, almost close enough to touch. Many organizations provide tours that allow swimmers and boats to come too close to the animals, harassing and endangering the sharks and the people. But there are tour operators who refuse to engage in behaviour that causes the sharks stress. Licensed guides ensure that their clients understand and obey the rules that keep the animals safe. They also educate and promote conservation at the same time. Searious Diving brought these researchers to an area where the sharks were feeding. They quietly slipped into the water and allowed the animals to choose whether they came close or not. The result was an experience that will never be forgotten, along with photos and videos that will go a long way toward understanding the whale sharks and how to protect them. The sight of an animal so large in its own habitat is breath taking. These truly are the gentle giants of the ocean. To lose them forever would be beyond tragic.