WH: “No plans” for Biden to visit Ukraine

At the White House briefing on Monday, press secretary Jen Psaki said there are “no plans” for President Biden to visit Ukraine. Psaki added that, for security reasons, the White House would not comment even if there were plans for a trip. The remarks came after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told CNN that he wants Biden to visit the country, adding, “I think he will.”

Video transcript

- President Zelenskyy told Jake Tapper yesterday that he wants President Biden to visit Ukraine, and he believes that he will. You said last week there were no plans being made for President Biden to go. Is that still the case?

JEN PSAKI: That has not changed. What our focus continues to be on is providing Ukraine, the Ukrainian government, Ukrainian leaders a historic amount of security assistance, assistance that's been adapted based on their needs and their successes on the ground. And obviously, that can be attributed largely to the courage and the bravery of the Ukrainian leaders. But the second reason is because of the military assistance we provided.

I would note, because I know this is an understandable question you all have asked, that if anyone were to go-- there's no plans for the president to go, so let me just reiterate that-- but we would not outline from here are anywhere from the government who, if, and when for security reasons. So we wouldn't have any details to preview regardless.