WGA Creates Scab Reporting Form to Track Members Who Cross Picket Lines

The Writers Guild of America has created a forum on its Strike Hub site where members can report those violating the rules of its ongoing labor stoppage.

Members must report any writer who crosses a picket line, including whether they have guild affiliation. Similar to a contact form, the site requires the name of the person reporting, their email address and provides a subject line and message box to describe the violation.

The guild’s Strike Rule #9 require that members report of any strikebreaking activity such as scab writing or other ways of crossing the picket line.

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“To the extent possible, you should be specific about the nature of the violation, including the date and place of the violation, the name of the struck company involved, and the name of the project, if any,” the rule states.

Disciplinary action is described under Article X of the guild’s constitution as including but not limited to “expulsion or suspension from Guild membership, imposition of monetary fines, or censure.” These methods of discipline are enforceable through the court system.

Since the strike began 11 days ago, writers and showrunners have established picket lines at various awards shows, premiere events and by refusing to do any press to promote their upcoming releases.

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Wednesday the WGA Negotiating Committee, the WGAW Board, WGAE Council and others pledged funds to give to industry workers in need. More than $1.7 million in total has been pledged to the Entertainment Community Fund to aid writers in the industry. Gifts have been made from J.J. Abrams, Greg Berlanti, Adam McKay, Ryan Murphy, Shonda Rhimes, Mike Schur and John Wells.

The most recent writers’ strike occurred for 100 days across 2007 to 2008. Shows with production paused in the wake of the strike include the final season of “Stranger Things,” the third season of “Hacks,” the third season of “Yellowjackets,” “Loot,” and more. Daytime and late night talk shows have also been affected.