Westworld May Not Be as Over as We Thought

Westworld May Not Be as Over as We Thought

Jonathan Nolan hasn’t given up the idea of bringing Westworld back online.

Though HBO cancelled the sci-fi drama in 2022, and subsequently removed it from streaming on Max, Nolan recently told The Wrap that he and fellow co-creator Lisa Joy “did have an architecture for the series and I’m big on getting a chance to finish these things. I think our hope is still somewhere down the line [for] a chance to revisit that story, and I would hate to have spoiled it now if we get a chance to do so.”

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The comments echo ones Nolan recently made to The Hollywood Reporter, in which he said there was a “100 percent” chance that the ending he and Joy planned for Westworld would eventually come to fruition in some form. “We’re completionists,” he added. “It took me eight years and a change of director to get Interstellar made. We’d like to finish the story we started.”

If and/or when that comes to pass, it will be the first time that series star Evan Rachel Wood — who has two Emmy nominations for playing Westworld‘s Dolores — will become privy to the fate of the fictional world she inhabited for four seasons.

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“[The cancellation] was devastating in a lot of ways because, first of all, [Nolan and Joy] don’t tell us where the show is going. We were just always told, ‘We know how the show ends,’ when we started,” Wood said in January. “They weren’t writing it as we went along. They had an idea, and we were all just on a bed of nails waiting to see and hear what the conclusion of this was. What it all meant.”

Even after the cancellation, “I asked… ‘Can you please just tell me how you’re going to end?’ And they wouldn’t tell me,” she said. “I think because, I don’t know, maybe somehow, someway, in some iteration we’ll get to finish it, but I still don’t know. It does still keep me up at night.”

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