How the West sees Russia's defeat


The Euro-Atlantic civilization is not ready to answer the question of what is its ultimate goal in this war.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that the goal of the European Union is a sustainable and just peace in Ukraine, not a frozen conflict. How do we translate this from diplomatic language to something legible? This is the correct phrase to use. It means the European Union wants to be with us and help us become part of Europe. This is the ultimate goal the European Union has set for itself. Of course, we realize that we must do what we must, and the European Union will help us in this. But if we set Ukraine's association with the European Union as our political goal, we are addressing the issue of a lasting, transparent, and just peace. I understand that she cannot talk about Euro-Atlantic integration; it is not her department, so to speak. But if we continue with these points from Ursula von der Leyen, the Euro-Atlantic integration of our country should be the first. This will mean that the peace will be just, that the peace will be sustainable, and that the Russian Federation will never again (if it remains within the borders it has today) be able to threaten peace not only in Ukraine but throughout Europe.

Thus, prioritizing Ukraine's accession to NATO is the only way to put an end to Russia's encroachment on not only the situation in Ukraine, but also the European peace order. This will mean Russia's global defeat and will be the beginning of history. Remember, in the early 1990s, the famous American political scientist Francis Fukuyama spoke about the end of history, although he meant something completely different. So, after Russia's defeat, history will actually begin. A new history that will have completely different approaches and principles. So far, as long as Russia is the way it is, unfortunately, we can state that the end of the previous history has come, and Russia is the cause.

The Euro-Atlantic civilization is not ready to answer the question of its ultimate goal in this war. This is the biggest problem. Because if you don't clearly understand the ultimate goal, you can't choose the tools to achieve it. These are obvious things; there is no need to be an academic here. That's why the formula "We will support as long as it is needed" is, of course, great, but it doesn't answer the question "How much will be needed and for what purpose?" This is the critical point in our negotiations with the West today.

We can state that the end of the previous history has come, and Russia is the cause

We need to understand clearly and precisely what our dear West, which is helping us, and we are very grateful to it, means by how much and what we need to do. If our goal is to defeat Russia, then let's define what defeating Russia means. Is it simply the expulsion of Russia from the territory of Ukraine? Yes, this is a defeat. Is it a change of political regime in Russia? Yes, this is a defeat. Is it taking measures in Russia to demilitarize this territory? This is a defeat. And so on and so forth. That is, there are many things that we need to formulate, and then it will be clear what we need to do to achieve these goals. Sun Tzu once said that the absence of a vision of victory is the fuss before defeat.

Standing with us as long as it takes means we must explain how much is needed and what is required to achieve it. Our mistake is that we swallow these formulas without explaining to our Western partners what our goal is. We have to formulate our demands and requirements very clearly and precisely. Of course, we are now talking about Zelensky's peace formula. It is correct, but it is not disclosed. That is, there is a general provision. What is beyond it? What needs to be done to achieve it? These things need to be brought to the last comma and period so that those who will work in this or that direction have a clear vision: "What do we want to do for Ukraine to win?" Here, I will talk more about our not yet fully developed line. Let's start with ourselves. Let's formulate it clearly and precisely. Our vision of victory. One point, second point, third point, fifth point. We offer it to our partners. They may not agree with something. Then, we start negotiations to clarify what we are changing, what we are adding, and so on. This is a technology that is as old as time. You just have to take it on and impose your point of view, if you like.

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