Wes Streeting fails to name all of Labour's six pledges when quizzed by Laura Kuenssberg

Wes Streeting before Laura Kuenssberg (Jeff Overs/BBC/PA Wire)
Wes Streeting before Laura Kuenssberg (Jeff Overs/BBC/PA Wire)

Wes Streeting failed to name all of Labour’s six election pledges during an appearance on BBC's Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg.

The shadow health secretary named five but forgot to include "crack down on antisocial behaviour".

He said: "Economic stability, cut NHS waiting lists, 6,500 extra teachers, secure border command, Great British energy, and ... what's the one I've missed?

"I've done them out of order."

He pulled a pledge card out of his pocket, and said: "The annoying thing is I was preparing for that question and I still fluffed it.

“I might as well go home.”

Mr Streeting was sitting next to Mr Shapps for the segment and the defence secretary was able to name five out of five Conservative pledges.

Like Mr Shapps, the shadow health secretary had been on the morning rounds and also appeared on Sky’s Sunday Morning With Trevor Phillips.

Mr Streeting said that he welcomed the Archbishop of Canterbury's intervention on the two-child benefit cap.

The Most Reverend Justin Welby said the limit was "neither moral nor necessary" and it "falls short of our values as a society".

Mr Streeting told Sky News: "I really welcome the Archbishop of Canterbury's intervention.

"You're never going to find, if there's a Labour government, politicians being sent out to attack the Archbishop of Canterbury for virtue signalling as Conservative MPs have done.

"It is literally his job, he is the one person in the country whose job it is to signal virtue. If the mission of the church is not to alleviate poverty and suffering, I don't know what is."