'We're Not All Bad': New York State Police Officer Tries To Calm Frightened Child

A mother in New York has shared a moving video showing the moment a police officer tried to calm her frightened 10-year-old daughter, who had become scared after seeing law enforcement.

DAndra Brown said she was walking through Niagara Falls State Park with her daughter on June 6 when a patrol car stopped nearby. “My daughter immediately put her hands up,” she said. “She got terrified, thinking we did something wrong.”

But Brown said the police officer approached her daughter, Nevaea, and explained that she did not want her to feel threatened by the police. “It’s OK, we’re not all bad, alright,” the officer says in the video.

This footage shows the interaction, in which the officer, named in media reports as Janine Kloetzer, can be heard talking about her own child and telling the girl, “Whatever you’re feeling is absolutely fine, this crazy world has dumped a lot of stuff on you.” Credit: DAndra Brown via Storyful