Wendy's Will Now Sell You A 50-Nugget Bucket

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Are you hungry? Are you really hungry? Do you want 50 chicken nuggets? Well, lucky you, Wendy’s is now selling a bucket that contains 50 fried pieces of chicken across the United States.

Announced earlier this month, the new Wendy’s chicken bucket deal is officially called the “Nuggs Party Pack” and will be available every day at participating locations. Wendy’s called it a “next-level Nugg experience” in its press release announcing the behemoth meal.

“Wendy’s is committed to celebrating our unmatched chicken nugget fandom while also delivering the value our customers have come to expect from us,” said Lindsay Radkoski, U.S. chief marketing officer for Wendy’s.

Prices vary depending on where you live, but you can grab 50 nuggets in a bucket at a participating Wendy’s for between $12 to $15, according to Dexerto.

A website to aid your chicken nugget hunt

To help all you nugg lovers out there Wendy’s has launched a website that will let you quickly and easily see where the nearest participating location is so you can easily plan your 50 nugget bucket trip.

According to Wendy’s, it partnered up with Rashiq Zahid—the guy who created that website that tracks which McDonald’s ice cream machines are broken—to help create the new WendysNuggParty.com.

“I think more people should know about the Nuggs Party Pack,” said Zahid. “Which is why I created the Nuggs Party website in collaboration with Wendy’s. I know fans are going to love it!” Not mentioned in the press release is that Zahid also got paid for it, I assume. I doubt he did it all for the love of the nugget.

But wait! I have some bad news for all you nugg lovers out there. According to Wendy’s own press release, these buckets might not actually contain 50 nuggets! Yes, shocking, I know. Wendy’s says that in reality the buckets can contain as little as 45 chicken nuggets. Horrible. Embarrassing. Hopefully, we can all manage through this dark chapter of American history.

(Please don’t count your nuggets in your bucket and get angry at the overworked employees at Wendy’s, okay? I’m just being silly on the internet.)

Also apparently Wendy’s locations have offered 50-nugget buckets and packs in the past, but this is just the corporation making it official, which is maybe the weirdest part about all of this. Anyway, enjoy your nugs!


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