‘Well said’: Stephen Fry praised for brushing off Laura Kuenssberg’s Brexit comment

Stephen Fry has been praised for brushing off BBC journalist Laura Kuenssberg‘s comment on Brexit.

The actor, writer and presenter was invited to appear on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg for the latest episode of the BBC series (10 September), when the subject of Brexit arose.

Kuenssberg said to Fry: “I mean, Stephen, it’s been an extraordinary period – Covid, Brexit, all of those things.”

Fry replied: “Brexit – we must mention Brexit. The Labour Party is afraid to mention it. It was a catatstrophe, and everybody knows it deep in ther bones.”

Kuenssberg interjected: “Not everyone would agree with you,” but Fry, brushed off her response, stating: “Yes they do, they know it – of course they do. Certainly the rest of the world does.”

He continued: “Aside from that, yes, it's a clown car crash and you can't help being amused by it, but unfortunately during that time, so much was taken out of what should be the run of politics.”

Fry has been praised for the “polite” response, with one viewer commenting: “Stephen Fry was having none of it.”

“Bravo Stephen Fry. A slice of honesty on LK show,” one viewer wrote, while another stated: “All good stuff from Fry in this clip.”

Many concurred that Fry’s point was “well said”, with one comparing his appearance to that of Joe Lycett in September 2022: “Laura enjoying that as much as she enjoyed Joe Lycett’s contribution!” they wrote.

Comedian Lycett made headlines after claiming to be a “right-wing” Tory supporter while discussing politics on Kuenssberg’s show.

Stephen Fry shut down Laura Kuenssberg’s Brexit claim (BBC)
Stephen Fry shut down Laura Kuenssberg’s Brexit claim (BBC)

The comic sarcastically shared his “candid” thoughts about Truss and the Tory government, but joked they were not his own sentiments as he is “extremely right-wing”.

When asked what his “honest” thoughts were on Truss’s interview, he replied: “You said earlier I’m not left or right. I know there’s been criticism in the The Mail on Sunday today about leftie liberal wokie comedians on the BBC. I’m actually very right-wing and I love it. I thought she gave great clear answers. I know exactly what she’s up to.”

Hours after his appearance on the show,, Lycett shared the next morning’s Daily Mail front page, which bore the headline: “Now BBC Comic Mocks Liz Truss” and said that the BBC had been accused of “anti-Tory bias” for Lycett’s interview.

In 2022, The Independent’s Adam Forrest wrote that “public opinion shifted against Brexit after a deluge of damning evidence on economic costs”, adding that “opinion surveys saw an increasing number of people saying our exit has gone badly”.