Welcome to Jurassic Bark: Dog in Dinosaur Costume Play Fights With Pal

A play fight between two dogs was given a prehistoric edge to it thanks to the adorable dinosaur costume worn by one of its participants.

Footage posted by Ayia Alfagir on October 19 shows her pet pooches Brutus (the dinosaur) and Freya enjoying a bit of rough and tumble at their California home.

Alfagir told Storyful that one-year-old Freya is a Dutch shepherd pit bull mix, and Brutus is a two-year-old French bulldog.

“Freya has never seen Brutus in a costume so this was her first experience she did not know what to do, hence her running away,” Alfagir said. “They play like that all the time with or without the costume.”

She added that “no stress or overheating was caused to any of the animals” in the making of the video. Credit: Ayia Alfagir via Storyful

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