Welcome to Halloween at ‘Dracula's castle’

STORY: Welcome to Halloween at ‘Dracula's castle’

Location: Bran, Romania

Bran Castle is popular with tourists due to its association with the fictional vampire

from Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel

Costumed visitors were greeted by actors in gruesome costumes

and spine-tingling decorations and video projections

(Sofia, visitor)

"I was scared by Dracula. He suddenly showed up on the screen and I was very scared."

The castle also has a long history as a fortress and residence of Romanian royalty

(Alexandru Priscu, Bran Castle marketing manager)

"There's the day tour, which is specially crafted for families with children, and the night tour. Both of them with little light - I mean the night tour is after dark of course - and with actors and effects."

(Uwe, German tourist)

"You know, the atmosphere, it's unique all over the world that you have this kind of castle here, and it's a great experience and you have a special view of the castle on the Halloween night of course."