Welcome to Europe's largest onshore wind project

This is Europe's largest onshore wind project.

"It consists of 277 separate wind turbines and is Europe's largest project of its type ever built."

The Fosen wind park is a collection of six wind farms - located in Norway’s coastal Trøndelag county - which produce enough energy to power over a million homes.

Location: Trondelag, Norway

Norwegian state-owned hydropower company, Statkraft, holds a majority stake in the project and has been responsible for its development.

Construction started in 2016, and required approximately 2.5 million man hours to complete.

David Flood is Statkraft’s senior vice president of European wind and solar in north-west Europe.

"Completing the Fosen project was extremely complex in terms of the technical challenges and the logistics. I mean firstly, the terrain is very mountainous and wasn't easily accessible so there were several barriers to getting in and starting construction and at the same time, of course, it's very important to take care that the impact on nature was kept to a minimum. The project was completed over three seasons each year, as a large part of the year the Norwegian winter prevents certain work from taking place as well."

The company says the turbines are capable of producing a total of 3.6 Terawatt-hours of renewable energy every year…cutting greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 1.9 million tons per annum.

That’s equivalent to taking some 862,000 petrol cars off the road.