A weird glitch lets Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fan wield the Darksaber

 Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

While we've come across the Darksaber a number of times in Star Wars shows, including The Clone Wars and more recently The Mandalorian, we've not yet had the opportunity to wield it in a game. Well, not officially, anyway. One lucky Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player recently revealed that they encountered a bizarre glitch that made their lightsaber look every bit like the legendary black-bladed weapon, and we must admit we're more than a little jealous.

On the Fallen Order subreddit, a user named tontongas explained that while using a white lightsaber in Jedi: Survivor, they came across a "weird lighting glitch". It's hard to say what caused this technical hiccup, but the result is a very cool-looking Darksaber that Cal uses to slice through Bedlam Raiders. You can see it in action for yourself in the video below.

One fan commented, "Awesome glitch, and I'm honestly a little surprised that a black lightsaber isn't one of the lightsaber colours unlocked in NG+". Another says they're "hoping they add it in future updates."

Some fans are so impressed by the Darksaber that they're not entirely convinced it isn't a mod. In the footage, we see a square prompt above an enemy's head which would suggest it's from the PS5 version and, therefore, a genuine glitch. "If this is really a glitch and not a mod, it's the coolest glitch ever," said user UnluckyWerewolf7988.

Then there are some who don't think it's either and instead are of the opinion it's something that developer Respawn added to the game but didn't use. "Maybe it's not a glitch at all, maybe in the archives is an unused Darksaber model," wrote one fan. Another replied, "That's what I'm thinking. The animations are too smooth to be a glitch."

Naturally, players were also keen to know how the glitch was caused, but sadly tontongas has no idea how it came about. According to the player, the Darksaber disappeared when they reloaded the game, and they haven't encountered it since. And by the looks of it, no other players have experienced anything similar.

Strange glitches aside, the lightsabers in Jedi: Survivor are still impressive, as each colour comes with its own unique ignition sound.

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