Wei Daxun and Yang Mi spark romance rumours again

7 Nov– Yang Mi and Wei Daxun sparked romance rumours yet again, this time for making similar posts on social media.

As reported on ET Today, it all started with Wei, who shared a photo of him inside a vehicle on 3 November, captioning it with a simple, "Hi."

He later added in the comments section, "There are really no pictures that I can use from my phone."

Although it seemed like a simple post, several eagle-eyed netizens noticed that Yang Mi also posted a similar caption on her post on Weibo's new social media app, Oasis but with a photo of a cat.

Although it could be a small coincidence, the fact that celebrities who are secretly dating tend to leave small hints sparked speculations that there could be something between the two of them, and that Yang and Wei may be ready to finally made their relationship known.

Yang and Wei's rumoured romance first made the news after netizens spotted the latter hanging out with a female friend at an art gallery. Although the woman's face was not exposed, many noticed that the birthmark on her leg resembled the one Yang had.

(Photo Source: ET Today)