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Don't throw out those AAs — check them with this handy $6 battery tester

How many times have you found old batteries in a drawer and wondered whether they were still good or not? If you're anything like us, probably a lot. And it's an understandable reaction: After all, batteries are not cheap — why throw them away when they're still holding some juice? Here's a way to solve that dilemma. The WeePro Battery Tester makes it easy to gauge how much charge remains in a battery. Oh, and it's just $6 — way less than you'd pay for a new pack of AAs!

This easy-to-use tester works with AA, AAA, C, D, 9V and 1.5V batteries. 

$7 at Amazon

If you use a lot of batteries for remotes, kids' toys or other devices, you'll want one of these around. Our prediction? It'll pay for itself in practically no time.

It's easy to misplace a battery when opening a pack, and it winds up in that infamous junk drawer, its power status forever a mystery. Sometimes you don't know whether a battery is kaput or if the device it was connected to is. The Weepro can get to the bottom of it. It's incredibly easy to use, too — all you have to do is place the battery between the two prongs and slide it into place, and the meter will show you how much charge is left.

It works with a wide range of batteries, too. It's small enough to carry with you on the go, and the entire tester is designed to fit comfortably in your hand for multiple tests without causing any cramping. It can even help you gauge whether new batteries are reliable or not. (Save your receipts!)

weepro battery tester on yellow background
The name is Wee; the difference it could make is Huge. (Photo: Amazon)

"It’s as if batteries spontaneously pop up around my home and thus I usually have no clue whether they are still viable or not. This device helps me with that. Love it," said one fan.

"Good to have," this shopper stated. "So many times I toss batteries because I’m not sure how depleted they are. This simple to use device will let you know right away if you should toss your batteries or use them for a while longer. Nice to have around. I dig through drawers and find batteries and can check right away if they are still good."

One reviewer commented, "I love this little gadget and use it often. I have many items that use batteries. Sometimes if I’ve kept batteries stored for awhile, if I get good and old batteries mixed up, if I need to check batteries instead of turning on the device, or if I need to see whether it’s the device or the batteries not working, I’ll test the batteries. I check my battery devices monthly to prevent battery corrosion and damage to the device. When I lost my previous battery tester, I ordered another one right away. I love this little thing."

"Only downside is the 9-volt tester is slightly more difficult to manipulate but still easy to check," quipped a final buyer.

Don't throw out old batteries — check if they still have any juice left. 

$7 at Amazon

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