This week's TikTok beauty hack: Foolproof cat-eye makeup

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Cat-eye makeup is child's play thanks to TikTok's handy hacks.

Creating perfect cat-eye makeup, without any slips or smudges, doesn't come easily to everyone. How many people have tried over and again, without ever succeeding in drawing that clean, precise line that really makes the look? But that was before TikTok and its professional tips made it possible for anyone to create a flawless feline look in minutes.

Should makeup artists be getting worried? We're hardly even exaggerating, because social networks are now jam-packed with tips to help people become makeup aces, TikTok leading the way. The latest handy hack -- and, we're not going to lie, we've been waiting years for this -- could (finally) put everyone on equal footing with eyeliner application pros. From now on, no one -- absolutely no one -- should fail in their cat-eye creation.

Gone are the days of spending ages in front of the mirror stretching your eyelid in all directions as you try to draw a more or less respectable cat eye -- this new trick spotted on the famous social network guarantees a flawless rendering, every time. And, as proof that users approve, the original video, shared by @ kat_longoria , has been viewed more than 36 million times and has nearly five million likes, while videos featuring the tip have also notched up several million views.

So, to get the perfect cat eye, all you need is a roll of sticking plaster or surgical tape and an eyeliner, or even a black eyeshadow. Then, cut a first strip of tape long enough to stick each end next to the outer corner of each eye, passing under the nose. It may sound technical, but it's really not that tricky. Then, cut two shorter pieces to stick on each eyelid, so that only a small triangle of skin remains visible. The final touch is to finger-apply your eyeliner or eyeshadow to this small area, peel off the pieces of tape, and hey presto. The result is a flawless, perfectly symmetrical cat eye.

Note that this user's TikTok account is something of a goldmine for makeup novices, offering a host of tips and tricks to help you nail all kinds of makeup application processes. Indeed, tape also seems to be a trick for coloring over brows or applying lipstick. Take a look for yourselves.

Christelle Pellissier

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