'Weekend Update': Kristi Noem's Other Dog Defends 'Great' Owner Against 'Problem' Pooch

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s other dog (played by “SNL” cast member Marcello Hernández) took to “Weekend Update” to defend his “great” owner after a report on a dog-killing story in her upcoming memoir sparked backlash.

Noem — who has reportedly been abandoned as a potential running mate pick for former President Donald Trump — has gone to bat for her move to shoot and kill her 14-month-old canine Cricket, one of her hunting dogs that she described as “aggressive” and “untrainable.”

Hernández introduced himself as Cricket the VII and dismissed the others as “bad dogs,” referring to Noem as a “great” dog owner.

“All this stuff about killing animals is just media spin,” Hernández said.

“But she wrote about it in her own book,” replied co-host Colin Jost.

“I can’t read, I’m a dog,” Hernández declared.

“Right, but you know what media spin is?” Jost asked.

Hernández went on to refer to her dog as the “problem” as he questioned why Cricket would bark and eat “all day.”

“If she didn’t kill him, I would,“ Hernández said.

“Wow, so you’re team Kristi?” Jost asked.

“Team Kristi for life, for my very long life, please, I love you Kristi,” Hernández said.

You can check out more from Noem’s “other dog” and the “SNL” news segment in the clips below.