Weekend Beachgoers Circled by Sharks Off Pensacola, Florida

Multiple hammerhead sharks were spotted off a beach near Pensacola, Florida, swimming circles around bathers lounging in the water over Memorial Day weekend.

In this video, taken on May 29 by Alabama resident Jacqueline Lesso, several of the sharks – generally considered harmless to humans – are seen swimming closer to shore as onlookers react to the spectacle from the beach and aboard their boats.

Lesso’s daughter, who was lounging on a large rubber raft between two other friends, had recently broken her foot and was unable to jump back onto the boat as two of the sharks swam underneath their raft.

“None of the sharks were aggressive in any way and the screaming was more of excitement than hysteria,” Lesso told Storyful.

“A lesson learned to keep your cool and stay calm,” she added. Credit: Jacqueline Lesso via Storyful