The Week in Numbers: the very big Apple

From a 3 trillion-dollar Apple, to a giant demolition job for Evergrande, this is The Week in Numbers. First up...

$3 trillion is the value hit by Apple this week. That makes it the most valuable firm in the world, and worth more than all companies on London's FTSE 100 share index added together. It's also now well ahead of second-placed Microsoft, worth a mere $2.5 trillion.

308,600 is the record number of vehicles Tesla delivered in the fourth quarter. That was way ahead of analyst forecasts, and the news sent its shares surging by over 13%. That, by the way, left it worth around one trillion dollars.

But Wealth Consulting Group boss Jimmy Lee says investors should view the stock with caution:

"I think Tesla could correct on a miss pretty severely to the downside".

52% is the estimated jump in fourth-quarter earnings at Samsung, taking profit to about $11.5 billion. Which sounds impressive, only it was some way below analyst forecasts. Even so, the South Korean giant seems to be benefiting from strong demand for memory chips.

$169 million is the latest European fine for Google, this time from France's data privacy watchdog. It says Google and Facebook, which was fined a bit less, have made it hard for people to block cookies. Those are the mini programs that track what you're doing online.

And 39 is how many towers Evergrande has to demolish at a massive resort development. Authorities in Hainan say the buildings violate construction and environmental rules. Right now, the world's most-indebted developer can't seem to catch a break.

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