The Week in Numbers: Twitter polls, Tesla rivals

From a high-stakes Twitter poll, to a new rival for Tesla, this is the Week in Numbers. First up...


57.9% is the proportion of Twitter users who voted in favor of Elon Musk selling 10% of his stake in Tesla. The maverick boss put the question to an online poll over the weekend. Quite how bound he feels by the result, no one knows. But by Friday he'd sold over $5 billion-worth of shares. That's a lot, but nowhere near 10% of his Tesla stake.

GRAPHIC $100 billion

Over $100 billion was the market value of electric pickup truck maker Rivian following its stock market debut on Wednesday. It was the world's biggest share offering this year. And it made Rivian more valuable than any other U.S. automaker bar Tesla. [3196]

GRAPHIC: $10 billon

$10 billion was the hit to SoftBank's massive Vision Fund over the quarter. The Japanese investor has taken a battering as China cracks down on its huge tech firms - some of SoftBank's biggest holdings. [1005]


Three is the magic number for sprawling conglomerates this week. Once a symbol of U.S. corporate might, General Electric says it will now divide into a trio of different firms. They'll focus on energy, healthcare and aviation respectively. [2180]

Miller Tabak Chief Market Strategist Matt Maley says the motives are simple enough:

"The reason they're doing this is because they have, they had so much debt." [2134]

A few days later Japanese giant Toshiba said it would also split into three. [5010]


And 6.2% is the annual rate of inflation in the U.S. That's the highest number in 31 years. Surging gasoline and food prices drove the rise. And it's getting steadily harder for the Federal Reserve to argue that higher inflation is just a passing phase. [3229]

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