The Week in Numbers: Musk shake-up, Shell breaks record

STORY: From Elon Musk's Twitter shake-up, to energy companies making bumper profits, this is the Week in Numbers.

$7 billion was the funding Elon Musk secured from a group of investors for his $44 billion takeover bid for Twitter. Earlier this week, the Tesla CEO also proposed charging a ‘slight’ fee for commercial and government users of the site.

$9.1 billion was the record-breaking first quarter profit at Shell. High energy prices stoked by the crisis in Ukraine helped the British firm to a bumper opening to the year, despite taking a loss on leaving its Russian businesses.

$6.2 billion was the first-quarter profit made at another energy giant BP. That was its best operational profit since 2008. The firm scored big in its oil and gas division, but made a $20 billion loss on exiting Russia.

1000 points was how far the Dow Jones slipped on Thursday - its worst day since the early months of the health crisis. Investors were spooked about what a tightening U.S. central bank means for Wall Street and Main Street.

Adam Coons is a portfolio manager at Winthrop Capital Management.

“The market is in an enormous amount of uncertainty, and uncertainty is one of the biggest killers of any market.”

12% was the revenue rise carmaker Stellantis drove to in the first quarter, despite the global chip crunch. Strong pricing and the types of cars sold helped the auto group make $44 billion in revenue - above analyst projections.

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