The Week in Numbers: Meta misses, Kanye gets dropped

STORY: From Meta spooking investors, to Adidas cutting ties with Ye, this is the Week in Numbers. First up...

$140 billion was the price of the after-hours stock drop for Amazon, which on Thursday forecast a slowdown in sales growth for the holiday season.

Amazon's market capitalization loss is greater than the entire value of a high profile company like Netflix.

$78 billion was the LOW estimate of how much Meta’s market value dropped this week, as shares plunged by more than a fifth.

The Facebook parent company gave investors an early Halloween fright by reporting another quarter of falling revenue and rising costs.

Add to that the deep concern over CEO Mark Zuckerberg's pricey and experimental bet on the Metaverse.

But Ryan Belanger, from Claro Advisors spies a tech investment opportunity.

"If you're a long term investor, you've got to be liking this opportunity to buy into some of these really good businesses that have wide moats and are going to be around for a long time, and you just got to grind through this period in the cycle."

$90.1 billion was the quarterly revenue for Apple.

That was above analyst estimates and a welcome surprise for Wall Street with Apple standing out in a tech sector hit hard by cutbacks due to inflation.

9% was how much Tesla said it would slash starter prices for some of its main vehicles in China, like Model 3 and Y cars.

There were signs of softer demand in the world’s largest car market, according to CEO Elon Musk - who was otherwise busy this week finalizing his troubled takeover of Twitter.

$250 million is the net income hit to Adidas after it ended its partnership with Kanye West - or Ye - amid controversy over some of the rap star's social posts, condemned by users as antisemitic.

The effect on Ye is more dramatic and means he's no longer a member of the billionaire's club.