The Week in Numbers: new jobs, closures & layoffs

STORY: America Inc is hiring, but some big names are struggling, this is the Week in Numbers. First up...

315,000 was the number of jobs added in the U.S. in August, slightly beating expectations. The latest U.S. non-farm payrolls data released Friday add up to the 20th straight month of job growth.

However, it's a lot lower than July's revised figure of 526,000 - and the actual unemployment rate ticked up to 3.7%.

150 is how many stores in the Bed Bath and Beyond chain are to close, along with the loss of around 20% of the workforce. The retailer has seen its fortunes falter after a lackluster attempt to sell more of its own brands.

20 is also the rate of layoffs announced by Snap this week. The social media firm says it's restructuring its ad sales unit and shutting down some projects to focus on improving sales and Snapchat user numbers.

Tommy Mancuso from The BAD Investment Company, says it all shows how some U.S. companies are being forced to adapt to the global slowdown.

"This hard reset and these fears of inflation are maybe allowing companies to reflect back on what they've been doing and cut back on some areas where they maybe haven't been necessarily achieving in a growth environment, or in this particular environment and focusing on their bread and butter. What's going to work, where have they seen the most success in revenues?"

80% is the amount by which UK energy bills will jump from next month. Households will face annual costs north of $4,000 according to regulators. They warn the hike risks plunging millions into fuel poverty and many businesses into jeopardy, unless the UK government steps in.