The Week in Numbers: Goldman bites the bullet

STORY: From a tough week for Goldman Sachs staffers, to why meme stocks could be back, this is the Week in Numbers.

Around 3,000 is how many jobs a Reuters source says could be going at Goldman Sachs.

The banking giant began letting people go this week after lenders were hit by a slump in corporate dealmaking.

CFRA director Ken Leon says it’s just what has to be done:

“It's what an investment bank needs to do when you're facing a sustained period of a market downturn.”

$10 billion could be the price for all the sandwiches at Subway.

A Reuters source says the fast food chain is exploring a sale of its business.

The potential price was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

69% was the jump in shares for Bed Bath & Beyond on Wednesday.

Stock in the home goods retailer had plummeted after it said it was exploring options including bankruptcy.

But the small investors piled in, seemingly reviving the meme stock mania that has boosted some struggling firms.

Up to 40% was the wage hike at Japanese retailer Uniqlo.

That was a shock to the country’s conservative corporate culture.

Economists say it’s another sign that years of deflation and cost-cutting could be drawing to a close in Japan.

And 6,021 was the record number of cars sold by Rolls-Royce last year.

That’s a lot, when the average selling price for each one is $534,000.

Sales also hit a record at rival Bentley, suggesting the uber-rich aren’t experiencing a cost-of-living crunch.