The Week in Numbers: dry pumps and squid games

From dry pumps in Britain, to Squid Games in South Korea, this is the Week in Numbers. First up...

Up to 90% was the proportion of UK filling stations that ran out of petrol this week. The pumps ran dry amid panic buying sparked by reports that a shortage of truck drivers was hampering supplies. By the end of the week, army drivers were stepping in to help with deliveries.

$11.4 billion is how much Ford and a partner said they would invest to make electric versions of its famed F-150 pickup truck. The move should create 11,000 jobs in Tennessee and Kentucky.

Bill Ford is the company's Executive Chairman:

"Today, we're announcing the largest investment in American manufacturing in the history of our company. Just down Route 40 in Stanton, we're going to build the largest auto and battery manufacturing campus in the nation."

$47.5 million is how much Evergrande should have paid to bondholders on Wednesday. But the deadline came and went without word from the ailing Chinese property giant. That's the second payment it's missed, stoking fears of a messy collapse that could rattle the country's financial system.

$1.52 trillion is the record value of merger and acquisition deals done in the third quarter. Investors are rushing to take charge of the post-crisis future with deals that transform business. Square's $29 billion takeover of financial technology firm Afterpay was just one of the big plays.

And $22.9 million is how much South Korean internet firm SK Broadband reckons its owed by Netflix, just for last year. The global success of 'Squid Game' and other Korean dramas has put a strain on servers, yet Netflix pays nothing for its internet usage. A court backed SK in saying the streaming giant should cough up.

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