The Week in Numbers: Didi drops, Wise pops

From a Beijing bombshell for U.S. investors, to a very slow boat home, this is the Week in Numbers. First up...


25% was the morning plunge in Didi Global shares on Tuesday, just days after its New York IPO. That as Chinese regulators ordered the ride-hailing giant to take down its app. Didi says it knew nothing about the move before it sold the shares, but not everyone buys that. Class action lawsuits are already brewing.

Investors should have seen the Chinese crackdown coming, says Alexander Ditchfield of BDA Partners:

"Should U.S. investors be worried? The answer is, I think quite clearly 'yes.' The question is more, I think, what investors weren't worried even prior to the IPO?"

GRAPHIC $35 billion

Over $35 billion will be spent developing new electric models by Stellantis. That, in case you haven't caught up, is the newish name for the world's fourth-biggest automaker. It owns Jeep, Ram, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat and many more brands. The company says its EVs will be as cheap to own as conventional cars by 2026.

GRAPHIC $11 billion

$11 billion was the value put on UK money transfer business Wise after its first day of trading in London. That made it the City's biggest tech firm by market capitalisation, and analysts say success could open the floodgates for more such deals. Traders might even forget the disastrous debut for takeaway food app Deliveroo, which some said was more 'flopperoo'.

GRAPHIC $16.7 billion

$16.7 billion is how much it would cost to buy your own airport. Or at least, Sydney Airport. That's the bid by a group of investors. If it goes through it will be the second-highest price ever paid for an airport, behind the $30 billion buyout of London's Heathrow in 2006.

GRAPHIC 106 days

And 106 days is how long the Ever Given spent in Egypt. That's the giant ship that blocked the Suez Canal back in March. Even after it was freed, a dispute over compensation meant it wasn't able to go. The canal authority wanted $550 million to cover the cost of the debacle. With that resolved, the Ever Given, and its 18,300 containers, finally set sail this week.

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