The Week in Numbers: diamond hands, pricey milk

From a market-moving intervention by Elon Musk, to a share sale with Oprah Winfrey's blessing, this is The Week in Numbers. First up…

Close to $1 trillion dollars was wiped off the total market value of bitcoin and the like in Wednesday's market plunge.

They were hit after China banned its banks from handling virtual money.

But then guess who intervened...

Tesla founder Elon Musk tweeted the emoji for diamond hands, which crypto fans took to signal he wasn't selling his big bitcoin stash. Prices promptly zoomed back up.

$43 billion is how much AT&T will pocket when it spins off WarnerMedia, and merges it with cable and streaming network Discovery.

Sounds like a good deal, until you know what it originally paid.

MoffettNathanson founding partner Craig Moffett:

"Well, look, I think you do have to concede that for AT&T this is a humiliating defeat. They entered this business just three years ago, paying $109 billion dollars for it. They're selling it today for something like $50 billion."

30% was the debut-day jump for shares in vegan milk maker Oatly.

The Swedish firm was helped by some serious celebrity backing.

Investors include Oprah Winfrey, Jay Z and Natalie Portman.

The opening-day gains gave Oatly a value of about $13 billion.

$6.1 million is how much fugitive former car boss Carlos Ghosn owes Nissan and Mitsubishi over excess wages.

He was suing them for about $18 million in missed pay, but a Dutch court sided with the carmakers instead.

That leaves Ghosn with a big new bill, though he does plan to appeal.

And almost 70% was the jump in UK clothing sales as lockdowns eased.

After a year spent in pyjamas and sweatshirts, the number suggests people are ready to splash some cash, and get dressed up.

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